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Geotechnical Soil Investigation

Four Anchors Nigeria Limited geotechnical team are equiped with great experience covering both the sedimentary basin and the basement complex terrains in Nigeria and West Africa, we provide a clear and comprehensive recommendation for your proposed project.

Our experience helps you minimize/eliminate risk and keep projects on track and within budget. Whether it is a multi-storey building, bridge, railway, pipeline installation, tanks or a tower, you don't need to risk costly surprises from unforeseen instability, settlement or seismic hazards.

Our first step approach in offering geotechnical engineering services is the reconnaissance survey of the project area. This survey study shall consider accessibility to the site, surface and possibly subsurface obstructions and suitable investigation methods to be adopted with relevance to the site situation and the proposed project.

The site investigation could be grouped into;

A. Field work

B. Laboratory work, which involves testing of soil and water samples recovered from the field operations.

C. Desk work, which involves analysis and compilation of final geotechnical report of findings.

The field work is determined by the scope of work as it may involve geotechnical boring using percussion, rotary and coring rigs, Cone penetration test, Vertical Electrical Sounding(VES), Trial pit e.t.c

Environmental Site Investigation

Environmental site investigations on the other hand maybe required in instances where the environmental impact of any construction or activity on a property needs to be established. An example of the requirement for an environmental site investigation maybe in places where there maybe high salinity in the area and there is an intention of constructing a pool due to the impact that such high salinity may have on the pool and the overall environment surrounding the pool and its construction.

Before projects take of, their owners are interested on their impact to the environment to avoid law suits or bringing harm to residents close to the project area, be it an oil exploration project, towers, dams, buildings and other structures; our environmental team come in with great experience to provide the required information.

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Cone penetration test in nigeria


Cone Penetration Testing(CPT) in the field of geotechnical engineering is a commonly used method in determining soil strength and properties. Four Anchors Nigeria Limited with all geotechnical equipments and professional experience needed to carry out CPT stands out among the best in west africa in the practice of geotechnical engineering

Vertical electrical sounding test in nigeria


Vertical Electrical Sounding(VES) is a technique based on inserting electric current of known intensity through electrodes, The results of VES measurements can be interpreted qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The quantitative interpretation, in the case of mineral exploration, can give the chance to evaluate the reserves in a certain area of interest.

The technology is applicable on rivers and lakes also, making it possible to find out the geology of under water terrain,VES can be also be applied in the following aspects of geotechnics: Aquifer description, Bedrock depth, Mapping geological boundaries, Identification of fractures in the bedrock, Mapping of sand and gravel deposits, Mapping groundwater depth.

Geotechnical Engineering services in Nigeria


Four Anchors Nigeria Limited owns a wide range of geotechnical drilling rigs, We apply the necessary technique to provide both disturbed as well as undisturbed samples which are sent to the laboratory to determine soil properties.

The actual location, spacing, and depth of borings shall be dictated by the topography, geologic conditions, visible soil conditions, and design considerations. Groundwater level is also determined during boring.

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