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Deep foundation

Four Anchors Nigeria Limited offers different range of deep foundation services especially when it comes to pile foundation. We offer sheet, bored and driven pile services. Deep foundation can be done in other ways outside pile foundation, for example Basements, Buoyancy rafts (hollow box foundations),Caissons, Cylinders, Shaft foundations limiting it to the general types.

Deep foundation is considered as any foundation with depths greater than 3m below finished ground level or foundations where depth of footing is greater than its width. Deep foundation is generally adopted when the upper stratum at a site is weak and unable to carry the load of a proposed structure.Our team is equipped with the modern techniques for the design, installation and verification of deep foundations.


Four Anchors Nigeria Limited has extensive experience in proving quality testing for any type of deep foundation. This includes Dynamic Testing of Piles (PDA), Static Load Tests, Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) and Cross-Hole Sonic Logging (CSL).

Static load tests are thought to provide the most reliable results and the analysis is straightforward. Our engineers and technicians are the best in the business and use the most advanced tools available to guarantee your success. Dynamic testing was developed for driven piles. It is a very efficient and economical means of testing. It also provides a wide variety of other important data during pile driving, i.e. hammer energy, driving stresses, pile integrity and driving resistance.

Four Anchors Nigeria Limited extensive experience, method of approach, and independent status has resulted in our being preferred by clients. We have also functioned in an oversight role performing independent verification testing and analysis of other dynamic testing consultants. We have been engaged by many clients to evaluate foundation lengths and integrity for existing structures: Buildings on Deep Foundations, Highway Bridges, Pipe Line Crossings, Water Resources Structures, Rail Road Bridges and Marine Structures

Our Pile Integrity Test service is precisely and promptly rendered by skilled professionals with the use of advanced testing machines and the latest equipment. As per the particular details given by the clients, we provide this testing service for determining pile depth and assessing a pile is free of major cracks and voids. This testing service is highly applauded in the market for its timely execution and cost-effective price.

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Sheet Piles

Sheet piles are installed to either retain water or soil, the installation depends on the design depth they are long steel sheets with interlocking edges, most sheet piles rely on their bending strength and stiffness to retain the soil or water. The interlocked sheet piles form a wall that can either serve as permanent retaining structures or temporary ones for the purpose of providing safe access for construction.

Vibratory hammers are typically used to install sheet piles. If soils are too hard or dense, an impact hammer can be used to complete the installation. At certain sites where vibrations are a concern, the sheets can be hydraulically pushed into the ground.Diesel impact hammers and hydraulic press in machines can also be used to drive or push the piles into place. Sometimes water jetting or preboring is used to assist penetration through stiff or hard layers. The durability of sheet piles can be extended with protective coatings.

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Bored Piles

Bored pile requires that a bore is first made by drilling and then filling it with concrete, normally with reinforcement in place. Bored piling works require specialist bored piling contractor, which Four Anchors Nigeria Limited represents with our wide range of bored piling rigs((rotary, crane-mount, excavator mount, low headroom), extensive range of drill tools, casings and other auxiliary equipment suited to different drilling conditions that may be encountered, experienced drillers and competent engineers. The advantage of bored piling is its’ drilling method, little vibration and lower noise level.

Bored pile drilling method depends on the condition of soil, Four Anchors Nigeria Limited carry out a confirmation geotechnical drilling at no cost to client to determine condition of subsoil. For cohesionless soils such as sands, gravels, silts etc, whether it’s under the water table or not, the pile bore hole must be supported using steel casing or stabilizing muds such as bentonite suspension. After these, reinforcement bar will be put into the bore hole and concrete will be poured into the bore hole.

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Driven Piles

Driven Piles is installing timber, pre-cast concrete, steel H-piles, steel sheet piles and pipe piles by impact hammering, vibrating or pushing into the earth to design depth or resistance.Precast piles vary from 200mm square to 350mm square, and heavy wall from 141mm to 250mm diameter. Four Anchors Nigeria Limited can effectively install driven piles for your proposed projects. They can be dynamically inspected after installation to verify integrity

Driven piles eliminate guesswork because they are built to precise tolerances utilizing high strength materials and reliable quality control, which can be seen and verified prior to installation. Driven piles maintain their shape during installation. They do not bulge in soft soil conditions and are typically not susceptible to damage from the installation of subsequent piles.

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